We Fabricate Any Textile You Necessitate & Service Parallel To Your Expectations !



           Fabric packaging give our customers competitive edge due to being enjoyably special, superior look, extremely durable and most importantly 100% environmental friendly option. Fabric bags are natural, re-useable and biodegradable.

              Different yarn and weave options to create unlimited fabrics such as cotton, poly cotton, canvas, denim, duck, etc, in addition we do work with man-made fibers too. Many different options for handles.

Kind of Bags We Deal in but are not limited to:

Advertising Bags:

              Silent representative of the company. Positive reflection of your company due to being responsible and eco-friendly choice. Company logo or message can be printed or embroidered on natural or colored fabric bag in any shape or kind. 

Agriculture Bags:

              Natural fabric or treated fabric, bleached or unbleached, made with FDA approved chemicals and AZO Free dyes. Bags can be printed or embroidery with Artwork provided by customers, printed paper labels, barcode tags and instruction labels can be attached to the bags. Bags can also be laminated or inserted with polyethylene liners for special preserving needs. 
Anode Bags:
               Made with custom fabric weave to do the exact job you need and equipped with cord, drawstring, Velcro or ties.



            Canvas or any other heavy to light weight fabric in any possible color, style, shape or fit to use for work, school or sports. Can be personalized with a message or logo. 
Barrel Bags:

            Big on style, made from various fabric options and colors. 
Beach Bags:

               Keep yourself organized with beach bags or beach totes and can be in any or mix of colors, styles and fit.
Christmas Bags:
               A great way to present your company or business for holidays, customize the way you want.
Coffee Bean Bags:

               Excellent for farming yet alluring enough to add to the beauty of home, office, coffee shop or restaurant. These bags keep the beans fresh and lock the moisture out yet presenting a gourmet look. 
Coin, Bank, Deposit Bags:
               Re-useable, durable and easily handled. Tailored to your exact requirements. Made with fabric and specs of your pickings.
Corporate Bags:
                An excellent way to reward, motivate and thank employees, customers or potential customers or an exceptional choice for event marketing or corporate events. Bags can be customized with a swift turnaround time.
Drawstring Bags:
                Bags for retail or industrial use. Single or double drawstring. Can be personalized according to particular requirements. Single, double, colored strings with same or different color stitch.
Duffle Bags:
                Denim or Canvas, These bags are becoming a popular bag with school, college and sports industry. Hard to beat its capacity and convenience. 
Farm Bags:
                Storage or Sale, we can customize these bags down to the last stitch. 
Feed Bags:
                Reusable and reversible for Hay or Birdseeds, can be used either for storage or sale of the final product and can be made with adjustable handle.
Flour Bags:

                Flour Bags are more than just a method of bringing flour from the store, they add a unique sense of history and craftsmanship. They also provide a superior gourmet look than the rest of look-a-like bunch. Safe and leak free made with AZO free dyes and FDA approved methods. 
Food Bags:

                Great for produce, snacks and more. Bags keep them fresh and re-useable.
Food Packaging Bags:
                Bags for food industries across the board, such as beans, coffee, cocoa, rice, popcorn, sausage, chicken, bologna, pancake, sugar, wheat, grains, cake-mix, waffle, etc. Any job; Fabric bags can do it better and in style. 
Game-Time or College Bags:
                School, college or major leagues, any game any time. Fast turnaround time to get you the bags in time. Hot sellers. 
Geological or Sample Bags: 
                Mine or mining bags, mineral bags, bags used in oil exploration and in gold industry.
Gift or Wedding Bags:
                A gift within a gift. Re-useable and Eco-friendly. 
Grain Bags: 
                Bags for any kind of growers, producers and packers for any type of commodities. Any size or carrying load can be managed.
Grocery Bags:
                Million of paper or plastic bags end up in a landfill. "Green" re-useable economical bags excellent for retail stores as well as for responsible individual use. Stronger, bigger yet easier to handle.
Hand or Boat Bags:
                Fashionable and trendy. Can be hand made, hand painted or embroidered on Fabric of your choice. 
Laundry Bags: 
                Breathable, colorfast bags. Simple and inexpensive cotton bags that gets the job done in style and with efficiency. These bags are washable and can also be used for storage and camping.
Mail Bags:
                 Mail bags or transit sacks, incredibly sturdy and can carry almost everything.
Mining Bags:
                 Any size, any job, We can match your requirements for strength and special channeling needs.
Money Bags:
                 Heavy duty cotton canvas bags meet or exceed Federal Reserve standard. Used for bank cash, deposits, checks, vending machines and so on.
Muslin Bags:
                 These cheese cloth/muslin bags are made of unbleached 100% cotton are made with yellow/orange single or double drawstring. 
Parts Bags:
                 For small parts, hardware or samples. These economical bags conform to the shape of their contents.

                 Great packaging for herbs, cosmetics, jewelry, salts, soaps, wedding gift pouches and so on. Possibilities are unlimited.
Promotional Bags:
                 Your company on the move. Conferences, trade shows, corporate events, fundraisers, etc. Used by millions at millions of places. Bags that can reflect the passion and zest of any company or organization.
Retail, Retailer, Chain Store Bags:
                 Reliable and durable. Can be re-useable or disposable. We have solutions for every kind of bags from most economical to the most practical. 
Rice Bags: 
                 Enjoyably different and unique representation of your product, natural, bleached or unbleached bags. AZO Free dyes and print colors 100% safe and FDA approved. Can be laminated or inserted with polyethylene liners.
Seed Bags:
                 Seeds, grass seeds, feeds, beans etc. Eco-friendly and high tear strength, these bags can carry small to large quantities. Can be laminated or inserted with polyethylene lining for special requirements. 
Shoe Bags:
                 Re-useable and a flattering option to carry your brand and will be used over and over. Provides a rich and extravagant look.
Shopping Bags: 
                 Biodegradable, strong, re-useable, machine washable. A smart and more economical alternate to plastic and paper bags since they can be used over and over again. 
Storage Bags:
                 Custom sized and designed to fit and store any kind of products.
Supermarket Bags:
                  A competitive choice against paper and plastic bags. Cost-effective and efficient bags are a better choice.
Tool Bags:
                  Made of heavy and extra strong fabric, able to handle anything that is thrown its way. Shapeable yet strong fabric provide functionality with comfort. 

Tote Bags:
                  Toting, decoration, fashion icon, gift etc. Choices of fabrics, designs, colors, printed fabric patterns and combinations, kind of prints, logos, messages, screening and embroideries can be as unlimited as your imagination or creativity. Fit any budget or time frame.
Vegetable Bags:
                  Made from natural cotton, these bags are washable and reusable. 

Wine Bags:
                  Wine bottle packing bags, wine carrying tote bags and wine gift bags. Made with single or combination of cotton, decorative or seasonal fabrics and designs as unlimited as your imagination. We cater our customers according to their wants. 
Other Bags:

                  We can also engineer very economical Non-Woven bags, natural and bio-degradable Burlap or Jute Bags or Sheets, and Woven PP or Polypropylene Bags, Sheets and Tapes.
Burlap or Jute,
Woven PP or Polypropylene Bags: