We Fabricate Any Textile You Necessitate & Service Parallel To Your Expectations !

Diaper Towels:

            100% cotton, strong, soft and absorbent. These towels are ideal for wiping, polishing. Diaper Towels and Roller Towels are also used in Hospitals and Health Care industry.


Drop Cloth:

             Canvas drop cloth has remnant panels. Is washable and reusable. Great for painting, cleaning, wallpapering, removal, leaf collection and many other jobs.

Flannel Towels:

             100% cotton, soft, flannel towels with hemmed edges. For dusting, polishing, wiping and cleaning.


Glass Towels:

              100% cotton, ideal low-lint, non-streaking product for windows, mirrors, glassware and other surfaces.




            100% cotton or knitted fabric are new. For use in garage, home, shop, painting, etc.



Shop Towels:

               Shop Towels are 100% Cotton and made for general clean up. Absorbent, reusable and machine washable.


Terry Towels:

               Soft, absorbent cotton terry towels are ideal for washing, drying, waxing and polishing. Good for home, garage and vehicles.